finding out we are expecting!

Finding out I was pregnant was by far the biggest shock for me and my partner! It went alittle like this .. It was near christmas time!I was getting some Christmas shopping done before heading home! You know how you walk down an aile and see theres offers?  Like on tampons or something? It made me question myself when was my last period? Crap I don’t remember!  And all them thoughts go through your head! I’m just late it’s being stupid again! I’m pregnant! I decided to buy a test okay not one but five!!! Just to be on the safe side! Very classy first test was done in tescos toilets the waiting game to see the result was like waiting for a pig to fly! And I finally looked and indeed I was PREGNANT! I felt like I was going to faint I couldn’t breathe and I had to tell Martyn?! I finally went home to let Martyn know! But I was to scared! So I peed on every test and said to him do you want an early Christmas present? Of course he said yes and I handed them to him, every mans dream right? I’d never seen a bloke look so scared and nervous but happy at the same time!